General conditions of Sale


1. These general conditions of sale are agreed between Chagrin & Galocha, Lda, established at Rua Ary dos Santos 18 A - 2685-312 Prior Velho :: Portugal, taxpayer no. PT510186220, hereinafter referred to as "Papelarias Emilio Braga "and persons wishing to make purchases through the Internet site, hereinafter referred to as" User ".

2. The parties agree that purchases made through this website will be governed exclusively by this agreement to the exclusion of any conditions previously available on the Website.


1. The purpose of these general conditions of sale is to make available and define all the information necessary to the user on the modalities of ordering, selling, payment and delivery of purchases made on the Papelarias Emilio Braga website.

2. These conditions regulate all the steps necessary to carry out the order and guarantee the follow-up of this order between the Contracting Parties.


1. The User can send his order through the purchase process designated on the website by "Shopping Cart", after having used the device online, selecting "Add to Cart" from the online catalog presented in the Papelarias Emilio Braga website ;

2. To send your order, the User must: a) Register with the Papelarias Emilio Braga Website, providing the information requested therefor. b) Enter "Enter" (providing a combination of E-mail and password chosen by the User at the time of registration). c) Complete the information and choose the options that are available to you during the process of "confirm order" (address of delivery and invoicing, form of sending, form of payment).

3. The sending of the order by the User is equivalent to the full and complete acceptance of the prices and description of the products available for sale as well as the general conditions of sale that will be the only applicable to the contract thus concluded.

4. Papelarias Emilio Braga will honor orders received online only up to the limit of available stocks, in the absence of availability of the product Papelarias Emilio Braga undertakes to inform the User as soon as possible.


1. The delivery of the orders can be made, through various modalities as published in the Papelarias Emilio Braga website.

2. Home delivery can not be made in Sections.

3. Papelarias Emilio Braga undertakes to deliver the ordered articles as soon as possible. The availability times stated in the product data sheets should be considered as indicative only. The availabilities shown in the product listings are based on past supply history for these products. Such estimates do not guarantee future supplies. Papelarias Emilio Braga will always strive to meet these deadlines. Papelarias Emilio Braga, foreseeing difficulty in meeting the delivery deadlines, will inform the User, making available the option to terminate the contract. By not exercising this right, we assume that the User maintains the interest in the order and that it consents to the delivery beyond that term.

4. To follow up on an ongoing order, the User must go to the online customer area, where he can send an electronic message.

5. To estimate the total time to receive an order, the User must take into account the following equation (the date to be considered for the start of the count is always the date of receipt of the payment):

Total Time for Delivery = Product availability * + Shipping For example, an order paid by Credit Card (immediate payment = 0 days), with two products where the maximum availability indicated was 48 hours (availability = 2 days) and the Shipping by CTT Day to mainland Portugal (shipping = 1 day) means that the order will be delivered in 3 days (0 + 2 + 1).

* Availability: Availability is defined as the length of time the product is ready for shipment. In ordering 2 or more products with different availabilities, one must always consider the highest of values. Availability can be found in the information sheet for each product.


1. Papelarias Emilio Braga proposes to the User the following types of payment: a) Bank Transfer; b) Multibanco; c) PayPal

2. The User will pay a global sum corresponding to the costs of handling the order; the additional expenses are composed of fixed expenses such as reimbursement of packaging and shipping costs.

3. Papelarias Emilio Braga will use all its efforts to guarantee the maximum confidentiality and security in the data transmitted through Internet.


1. Prices must be understood in Euros, with taxes and duties included, taking into account

the VAT in force on the date of payment of the order. If there is a change in the price lists of products for sale on this website, this situation will require an update of the prices announced. If this situation occurs with any product of an order, if it implies a price increase, the User will be informed immediately, being able to choose to receive your order (making payment of the difference) or to proceed with its cancellation. The prices shown in the checkout process always correspond to the most current prices, however, they should only be considered valid while they are visible on the website in a refreshed page (cache or pages not refreshed, may show prices that are no longer in force ). The price shown is only guaranteed under these conditions and only after the order is duly registered.ARTIGO 6 - DISCOUNTS1. In the Papelarias Emilio Braga website there are two types of promotional price proposals, in the form of percentage discounts on the sale price to the public, which can be seen on several pages, namely in product listings and in search results lists , just click on the discount itself. a) Instant Discounts1. Instant Discounts are price discounts that apply for a period not previously determined, so these promotions should only be considered valid while visible on the website in a refreshed page (cache or pages not refreshed, may show discounts that are no longer in effect). The displayed discount is only guaranteed under these conditions and only after the order is duly registered.2. To guarantee these discounts it is necessary that this product is added to the basket and the checkout with the promotion visible. Papelarias Emilio Braga guarantees the discount if it receives the respective payment within a maximum period of 8 days, counted from the date of the end of the checkout. B) Campaign Discounts1. Campaign Discounts are price discounts that have an effective date. These discounts represent a commitment during the period announced, but always on condition that the order is terminated by the User through the "order confirmation" and paid, until the end of that period.2. To guarantee these discounts it is necessary that the product is added to the basket and that the "order confirmation" is finished with the visible promotion.2. To save a product in "CART" does not guarantee the price nor the discount of the same.ARTIGO 7 - GUARANTEES1. Any order agreement made on the Papelarias Emilio Braga website can be freely resolved under the terms of article 6 of Decree-Law no. 143/2001, of April 26th. To this end, the User must return his order within a maximum period of 30 days of the date of its reception, contacting our customer service through the customer area available on the website, or by telephone to the number 2179586712. The return process is simple, varying according to provenance, so that the User must contact previously Stationery Emilio Braga. Papelarias Emilio Braga does not accept any return shipped with postage or payback, committing itself to reimburse the User within a maximum of 30 days from the reception of the return. The returned products must be in a condition of sale, that is, in the same state in which they arrived at the User's hands, without any anomaly. If the value resulting from the exchange of products in an order is greater than the initial value of the order, the User will have to pay the difference by using one of the forms of payment available in Article 4.6 (1). If the value resulting from the exchange of products in an order is less than the initial value of the order, or in case of a return, Papelarias Emilio Braga will make a bank transfer to an account to be indicated.7. Items sent free of charge, in the form of gifts or bonuses, will not be refunded. ARTICLE 8 - COMPLAINTS1. The User may submit his claims to Papelarias Emilio Braga and in case of litigation and according to Law 144/2015 in case of litigation the consumer may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body of Consumer: CACCL - Arbitration Center of Conflicts of Consumption of Lisboahttp: // 9 - RESPONSIBILITY1. Papelarias Emilio Braga is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused to the User by the use of the Internet network, such as: service breakdown, external intrusion, anomalies caused by computer viruses or any other case of force majeure.ARTIGO 10 - INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY1 . All contents of the Papelarias Emilio Braga website are the intellectual property of Papelarias Emilio Braga, and can not be copied or reproduced, except to the extent strictly necessary to allow them to be read online.

2. The content on this site is produced by internal and external sources, therefore Papelarias Emilio Braga is not responsible for the lack of updating and / or imprecision of this information. All texts, images, illustrations, photographs, marks and other elements of the Papelarias Emilio Braga website are protected by law.ARTIGO 11 - PROVA1. The Parties agree that computerized records kept in the computer systems of Papelarias Emilio Braga under reasonable security conditions provide proof of communications, orders and payments made between the parties.ARTIGO 12 - CONSERVATION AND ARCHIVE OF TRANSACTIONS1. The archive of orders and invoices shall be made on a reliable and durable medium to correspond to a faithful and lasting copy. ARTICLE 13 - APPLICABLE LAW AND COMPETENT FORUM1. The law applicable to any contractual relationship established through the Papelarias Emilio Braga website is Portuguese law.2. In order to resolve any conflict arising from any contract entered into in accordance with these general conditions of sale, the Court of Lisbon will have jurisdiction with express waiver of any other.